When a searcher knows what objective invalidity material is, invalidity material can be easily found when he luckily has the following conditions:

(i) The objective invalidity publication exists in the database.

(ii) The technical field of the search target is appropriate.

(iii) The used keyword is described in the publication.

(iv) The amount of publications published in the technical field is not huge, thus the hit numbers obtained by searching does not have a long list and visual inspection of all hit data can be done easily and the objective invalidity material will be obtained.

However、usually the above conditions (i) to (iv) are hardly fulfilled .

(i) Usually, it is not known if an objective invalidity publication exists or not, in addition, it is difficult for one who is not a skilled searcher to recognize what description is necessary for the invalidity publication.

(ii) Technical knowledge regarding the invention and knowledge regarding the sorting of techniques in the field is necessary for selecting a searching target field appropriately.

(iii) Whether the selected keyword is described in a publication or not is unknown, as well as selection of keyword is difficult because characteristic keywords in the technical field should be considered.

(iv) When the amount of publication published in the objective technical field is huge, the hit numbers of search become enormous making visual inspection impossible.  Therefore, more finely classified code in above (ii) should be selected and combined each other as the need arises.

With respect to a target publication in a form of image data whose text data does not exist in the database, keyword searching of (iii) is impossible, thus the above (ii) and (iv) become more important.

For more information, please press INVALIDITY SEARCH (2).